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Built over the last 20 years by cities, counties and agencies, Virtual PM provides the right tools to get the job done.


Total project budget control

The ability to see the entire project budget with funding sources and expenditures is essential to project management. Spreadsheets are inconsistent and offer little visibility to project members. Virtual PM allows you to track expenditures, contractor payments, commitments/encumbrances, and much more.

Budget gif

Real-time up-to-date financial info

Contractor payment expenditures are automatically entered upon approval

Change order commitments are automated

View paid to date

Track remaining to be paid

Know your remaining budget

Customized expenditure types to match your own


A simpler, faster way to process invoices

Critical to a successful project, payments become streamlined in Virtual PM. Upload Bid Schedules and Schedules of Values directly to the system, easily make and approve progress payments, and reduce errors, time and effort involved in processing payments.

Payments Gif

Contractors submit payments online in minutes

Automated payment processing

Approval tracking for faster payments

Complete and automated financial reporting

Automatic retention payout & notifications

Daily Logs

Powerful tools get daily logs done in minutes

A key component to keeping projects on track, Daily Logs are simplified and completed in minutes. Write notes, attach photos, track labor, materials, and equipment, track working or calendar days, and track production from any device.

Payments Gif

Compatible with any Mobile Device

Voice activated log entry

Track working and calendar days

Automated weather 

Simplified entry of labor, equipment, and materials 

Easily upload photos, documents, and quantities 

Daily Log report generation 

One-click public records requests 


Upload, approve, and complete submittals with confidence

Stay organized by keeping submittal documents and drawings all in one place in Virtual PM. Submittals are easily accessed from the log where an overview of submittal status shows which items have yet to be approved.

Payments Gif

Quick contractor document uploads

View the status of all submittals at one time

Provide feedback instantly for revisions

Automated email notification on submittal status

Generate Submittal reports with one click


Questions answered by the people who know

Often messy and confusing, Requests for Information are neat and organized in Virtual PM. One location stores all RFIs and compiles them into an easy to understand log. Sorting options include the ability to only show open RFIs.

Payments Gif

Communicate issues quickly and clearly

Timestamp included at each comment

Automated email notifications for fast turnaround

Attach photos and documents to any issues

Filter to view only unresolved RFIs

— Lex Zuber, Founder of Virtual PM

“We are 100% built, maintained, and hosted in the USA.”

Work Remotely

Your team working remotely, working together

Control every aspect of your capital improvement program from any connected device. Virtual Project Manager is telework/remote friendly. Field staff can input daily logs and upload photos on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Project managers can connect to Virtual PM whether in the office or at home. Virtual Project Manager keeps your project moving forward regardless of your staff's physical location.

Virtual Porject Manager iOS app image
Give us a call at
— Lex Zuber, Founder of Virtual PM

“Simple and automated. Once people use Virtual PM’s cloud system, nothing else will do.”

Change Orders

Changes happen - we’ve got you covered

Tracking Change Orders is decisive and streamlined in Virtual PM. All supporting documents are stored in the system for easy access and review. Once approved, the bid schedule and contract time is automatically updated throughout, allowing seamless integration with processing of payments.

Change Orders Gif

Process changes all in one place

Permissions based access

Approved changes are automatically updated in the bid schedule

Approve changes to contract cost and/or days

Quickly generate reports and applications

Punchlist & Corrective Items

What’s completed, and what’s not, all in one place

Managing corrective action and punchlist items in Virtual PM is organized and efficient. Easily add punchlist and corrective action issues along the way, then switch unresolved corrective action items to the punchlist at the end of the project. Tracking for the number of days to resolution is built in to each item. Custom report options bring the lists together to include photos, documents, and comments, and reports can be filtered to generate a list of just the needed items.

Punch List gif

Add corrective items as the project is underway

Include photos, documentation, and descriptions for each item

Before and after photos track the progress and completion

Ensure projects are completed per plans and specifications

Move unresolved items to the punchlist as the project nears completion

What they say about us

Virtual PM is the number one platform to manage your city, county, or agency, but don’t take our word for it.

Profile image
Keith Jukes

Associate Civil Engineer Rocklin CA

“Virtual Project Manager has been an extremely valuable tool for us, especially while having to work remotely. We are now able to go straight to the jobsite, upload all of our information while there, and manage all projects successfully while working from either the office or home.”

Profile image
Matt Newton

Public Works, Senior Inspector San Jose CA

“All my daily information is added real time while in the field on my iPad. All I do is drive to the job site, select my project and add all the information into the system. Everything is done before I leave the site, it even loads my photos off my mobile device.”

Profile image
Nino Abad

Associate Engineer Temecula CA

“Up and running projects in less than two hours. No additional user fees, training costs or upgrades associated with every other system we have tried. Virtual PM is really looking out for our best interests. They learn by providing user group meetings and then decide what they will design and release next based on our recommendations and at no additional costs.”

Profile image
Jerry Dyer P.E.

Senior Civil Engineer Rancho Cucamonga CA

“By far, the simplest and most user friendly project management system we have ever utilized. Virtual Project Manager has made both our inspectors and my jobs easier by providing a simple, web-based platform, to implement all our information in one location. All of this with the ability to access it from anywhere in the world.”

Profile image
Ray Leftwich

City Engineer Lincoln CA

“We have multiple consultants that run projects for us at the City of Lincoln. We really enjoy everyone working on a common platform that is so simple to use and implement. Some of our consultants have now contracted with Virtual Project Manager to run all their projects.”

Profile image
Mark Juarez

Resident Engineer/Storm Water City of Shasta Lake CA

“We have been running projects on Virtual PM for years. It literally takes only a few minutes to start up a project and add all the appropriate people. As a small city we really enjoy having unlimited projects and users so we can include all key personnel such as engineers, inspectors, consultants, architects etc… Now everyone is informed and communicating on the same platform.”

Profile image
Peter Wickenheiser

Engineering Services Manager Anderson CA

“For a municipality we have unique needs versus standard project management software. The intuitive nature of Virtual Project Manager allows us to adapt to different types of projects and bring on new contractors/consultants without a steep learning curve.”

Profile image
Nathan Bray

Interim Director of Development Services Turlock CA

“Our first project with Virtual PM saved our city close to $200,000 because we had all our information in one spot and time stamped. We are 100% sold on Virtual Project Manager and you will too once you start your first project.”

Profile image
Sam Royal

Associate Engineer City of Ceres CA

“After trying and evaluating several systems through the years, Virtual Project Manager has proven to be the most simple, effective project management system on the market and definitely the best value.”

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Over the last twenty years, Virtual PM has worked directly with cities, counties, and agencies of all sizes to build a system that is tailored to the needs of managing capital improvement projects. If your municipality hasn’t had a chance to try managing projects with Virtual PM, we’d love to show you around.

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