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VPM is the only web-based project management system that was built specifically to meet the needs of municipal users, and our list of modules and features reflects our dedication to making this system as effective and efficient as possible.
VPM Workflow Data Sheet

VPM Workflow PDF

Download the Virtual Project Manager Workflow PDF to learn about the most efficient implementation process for the VPM Cloud.

Standard Documents

Upload and locate all standard specifications in one place. Available from each project, quickly access and review documents as needed.

Summary Report

All the pertinent information in one location. Check the last seven days of project movement, see how current weather might impact progress, and review how many working days remain.

Project Documents

Upload and review project specific documents as needed. Quickly find the important files, such as plans, specifications, drawings, insurance documents, and more, all in one place.

Task Manager

Tracking timelines is easy when it’s all automated. With basic project information, such as the Notice to Proceed date and number of Working Days, the system can keep track of how the project is progressing, allowing you to focus on more important things.

Change Order Manager

Changes happen, and VPM is ready to help you keep track of them. Adjust a bid item in the list, add a new one, submit, and the project will update to account for the changes. Attach documents and photos to ensure everyone has access to the new documentation at the click of a button.


Keep track of information issues all in one place. Everyone on the project can view submitted transmittals. VPM’s automated email notification system lets you know when there is a new one to view.


Attach and approve submittals electronically and in real time. Inspectors in the field can access the most recently approved products list, making their jobs easier and decisions more accurate.


Quickly track request for information issues for a project. Each project’s RFIs are conveniently located in one place so everyone has access to the information for a project.


Keep track of, and communicate with, utility companies that are involved with a project.

Daily Logs

Inspectors can finish their jobs in just five to ten minutes a day with the automated daily log reporting. Add comments, labor and equipment details, as well as upload photos and documents all in one place.

Project Contacts

Access everyone who is working on a project, even after years have gone by. All the important information brought together in one place.

Time Card

Track time spent on individual projects, a handy tool when tracking federal and grant project hours, as well as consultants and outside contractors.


Process contractor payments quickly and easily. What once took hours can now be done in a few minutes. Select a timeframe and adjust bid item quantities, the system will calculate the rest.

Punch List

Finish out your projects with ease. Simply add your punch list items to the list, include some notes, upload a photo, and mark them off the list as they are completed. The Punch List module will keep them all sorted and easy to track along the way with filtering, sorting, notifications, and a robust report generator.

Corrective Action

The Corrective Action module allows you to quickly create and track new Corrective Action items. With our notification system and report generator, it becomes effortless to keep your project on track.

Storm Water

Meeting requirements for Storm Water reporting can be handled in just minutes with VPM. With completely automated reports, the days spend collating data for annual reports can be done with the click of a button.